Our tutorial sections comprise of many of the tasks that a home user to IT professional will need to get their computer and network setup and working great.  These tutorials are objective oriented to show you exactly what you need to do in typical real life situations.


Desktop Tutorials

Email Tutorials

File Sharing

Printer Tutorials

  • Install A Network Printer – A two part video series covering: 1. Configure the hardware for a network Printer and get the IP address. 2. Install a Printer connected to a network using the Hostname/IP Address of a Printer.
  • Install USB Printer – Install a USB Printer
  • Share USB Printer across network – Share a printer hooked up to a computer to other computers on a network.
  • Clear the Print Spooler – Clear the Print Spooler to remove stuck/corrupted printer jobs when troubleshooting a printer.

Active Directory Tutorials

Network Tutorials

Utility Tutorials

Maintenance Videos

  • Log Files - Check system Logs to help resolve errors
  • Windows Updates - Install Windows Updates
  • Anti-virus - Install Antivirus and other helpful ways to avoid getting viruses.
  • Back-ups - Nothing exists for certain unless it is backed up.
  • CCleaner – Use CCleaner to delete unneeded temporary files from your system.